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Symmetrical Tension Technology

Each truck exhibits four symmetrically placed pins. Two of these pins are sticking out of the hanger perpendicular to the two pins coming out of the baseplate. As the truck is turned, two sets of pins move closer together creating two symmetrical points of compression. However, these same pins are moving away from the opposite pins and create tension within the urethane bushing in two symmetrical points. This equates to a patent pending technology that not only pushes you back to center but also pulls you back to center.

High-Impact Resilient Hanger ™

Upon high impact the majority of truck hangers, both precisions and cast, start to bend and become worse with every big ollie or early grab. Our Rojas Hybrids trucks contain a precision-turned steel hanger that acts like a cushion only upon high impact and retains its shape due to its resilient design. This design makes for a truck with superior strength and built to take the impact that comes with jumping a ten set.

Consistent Axis Geometry
The hanger is steered by two thrust ball bearings amounting in twenty ball bearings per truck. The bearing seats are reamed after casting to ensure an exact location for the bearing. The kingpin is casted into the baseplate allowing the hanger to rotate about a fixed axis without any play and eliminating all slop. These important attributes keep the hanger in a precise position that stays consistent throughout a turn.
The baseplate is set at 45 degrees giving a relationship of one-to-one between the amount of lean and turn. With this technology, your foot can be placed anywhere on the board and the geometry remains the same. Mounting holes are machined after casting to ensure accurate placement of both new school and old school holes.
The urethane bushing is spaced between the hanger and baseplate with clearance to guarantee zero friction. This creates a very fluid turn that is both stable and predictable.
The bushing is at equilibrium and is unstressed when the truck is centered, improving its resilience and longevity. These massive bushings boast an increase of stability and rebound creating a ride that is unrivaled.
Imagine a world where mechanical failures like snapped kingpins and bent hangers do not exist. Imagine even further precise geometry that makes speed wobbles and high-siding a thing of the past. Now imagine that these ideal trucks don’t break the bank, but rather they are at the same price of a deck. Is it pure fantasy to think that science and engineering could make this a reality? The future of skating is here and now… Are you ready to join the crew?

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