Helping a Homie
Skating and creating the best products for this industry is our passion... But having a platform that enables us to help a homie in need is most rewarding. Our rider and close friend, Derrick Duncan, was recently in a devastating longboard accident. We are very thankful that he is still alive and blessing us with his radness. His mind is sharp, but his body needs a lot of help. With the many surgeries and physical therapy ahead the road will be long and expensive.
Prior to Derrick’s accident he was asking for purple Rojas trucks. Some others were asking for pink –so we blended those two colors together and made a batch of magenta Rojas precision trucks. Unfortunately, Derrick was injured before he got to ride his personal set. We decided to dedicate this color to him and call it Durple.
All of the profits from every order of Durple Rojas (all sizes) are split with Derrick for his recovery. Ride the most progressive skate technology all the while Helping a Homie in need. Send him positive vibes, prayers, wishes, hopes, etc (call it whatever ya want) this homie can use them.
Thanks for the continued support...
Peace & Love